Chronic Fatigue

Over the years, considerable evidence has been produced that neurofeedback training can be effective in remediating the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. These can be: depression, cognitive deficits, memory, sleep disorders, chronic pain and headaches. We have observed some people regain their energy and return to work in a matter of weeks. In more severe cases full remediation has not been observed though the impact of the training is generally felt to have been helpful. The neurofeedback training impacts the brain’s ability to regulate its own functions and reach a higher level of arousal thus providing more energy.

It is recommended that the client commit to ten sessions at the outset with at least three sessions per week. It can then be determined as whether it is advantageous to continue with the training. Under these circumstances, the gains from the sessions are more cumulative and changes can be more accurately discerned as being produced by the neurofeedback as opposed to other factors.

Training for this condition can take forty or more sessions. If gains are not observed then termination should be considered.